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Color Motion Protection Shine Softness Hair Treatment Shampoo 1L - Wella

by Wella

Color Protection Shampoo is a color protecting shampoo that helps to preserve it and provides shine and softness to the hair. There are three benefits combined in a single treatment line. Have the power of 3 in your hair: color protection, intense shine and stronger hair!The Color Motion+ line from Wella Professionals offers up to 8 weeks of color protection and guarantees stronger hair from root to tip! It is indicated for those who are concerned with color fading, but also need to strengthen their hair. The line has a technology to protect against free radicals, encapsulating metals and reducing the formation of these radicals, responsible for color fading. Color Motion+ products provide the surface alignment of the strands, smoothing the cuticles to improve the hair's shine and touch. for stronger hair! It's the perfect treatment for colored and damaged hair.

Protection of the hair color combined with an intense shine, reconstruction of the wires.
This product is recommended for all hair types, especially those with damage caused by coloring.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo through damp hair. Gently massage to foam. Then rinse. If necessary, repeat the process.

-01 Color Motion Protection Shampoo 1L