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Color Red (Red Hair) Maintenance Kit 2 items - Forever Liss


The Color Red Forever Liss Shampoo has been specially developed with high performance that prolongs the shine and silkiness of red or natural reddish hair.
It increases the suppleness and softness in the threads, as well as providing protection against external aggressions avoiding fading and helping to retain the color longer in the threads.
Forever Liss Mask Color Red is a color intensifying mask for reddish, natural or colored hair. It deeply nourishes the wires and provides intense color brilliance, protecting the integrity of the pigments for much longer. Provides super soft, hydrated and silky hair.

Features Red Fruit extract, which prevents premature aging of color, powerful antioxidant power penetrates the yarn offering protection against UV rays reviving health and yarn color; Also features the Lumini System technology, which intensely revitalizes the color setting, increasing the brightness and leaving your hair radiant for much longer. Intensifying and reviving the color of red hair, leaving them with more life and super soft;

How to use:
After washing the hair with the Red Forever Liss Shampoo and with the Wet Hair apply the Red Color Mask strand by strand beginning with the tips, gently massaging the wires until reaching the root.
Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes, without heat source. Rinse well, use once a week.
Tip: Apply with gloves, not to stain the hands.


-1 Forever Liss Color Red Shampoo 300ml - 7898952577502
-1 Forever Liss Color Red Mask 250g - 7898952577519