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Hair Fly Combo Tanox Trat Line Tanox Trat Seven Oils


The Seven Line Tanox Tanox Hair Fly is composed of natural oils, with distinct properties and associated form a real elixir for brittle, dried, damaged and lifeless hair. Argan is a natural capillary restorer as it is rich in fatty acids and has high concentration of vitamin E and omega 6. Avocado contains vitamin A, D and E, oleic acid, rich in minerals is an excellent natural conditioning nutrient. The coconut has antiseptic and microbicide action which gives healthy growth of wires. The flaxseed is the richest omega 3 source existing in nature beyond containing vitamin B1, B2, C and and which makes it a powerful capillary strengthening. The sunflower has protective and antioxidant photo properties, protects the wires taking advantage of the best of the solar rays. Macadamia has natural emollients and is rich in omega 9 and 7. Oliva is employed in health and beauty for more than 5000 years, since it is a great moistant, regenerator and antioxidant. This meter of powerful oils brings multi benefits and versatility completely treating various capillary problems.
The Tanox Line Combo Tanox Seven Oils contains:
Shampoo Tanox Trat Seven Oils 1L
Conditioner Tanox Tanox Seven Oils 1L
Mask Tanox Trigs Seven Oils 1kg