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Complex Care Mirtilo Extract Hair Treatment Home Care Kit 3 Products - Lowell

by Lowell

Indicated for oily hair due to its super effective cleansing. This does not mean that it dries out the hair, because the action of the conditioner is very moisturizing and gives the hair a soft and fragrant touch. In its actives stands out the Blueberry, which with high antioxidant power protects the hair from aging.

Shampoo - Indicated for daily use, the shampoo has a balanced formula that provides effective cleaning without drying.

Conditioner - It has a formulation rich in cationic actives that provides the cuticles sealing, returning the natural moisture and elasticity of the dried wires.

Leave-In - It provides combability, reduces frizz and also fly away.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo to damp hair and massage gently until it is foamy. Then rinse well, removing all product from the strands.
Use the conditioner on clean, damp hair, strand by strand, avoiding getting to the root. Then rinse well.
Remove excess water from the strands and apply the length leave-in to the ends, avoiding the root. Do not rinse.

-1 Lowell Mirtilo Complex Care Shampoo 240ml
-1 Lowell Mirtilo Complex Care Conditioner 200ml
-1 Lowell Mirtilo Complex Care Leave In 180ml