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Waterproof Home Care Maintenance 2x230ml Kit - Hi Haircare

Shampoo for chemically treated hair. Hi Hair Care Waterproof 4 provides nutrition, softness and hydration at the time of washing. Perfect for straightening yarns.
Hi Hair Care Waterproof 4 shampoo presents a formula with NaturTech biotechnological actives, which preserve the properties of cupuaçu in the composition to ensure protection, nutrition, remineralization, hydration and alignment of the threads.
Conditioner for chemically treated hair. Hi Hair Care Waterproof 5 provides hydration and hair alignment.
Hi Hair Care Waterproof 5 conditioner moisturizes, nourishes and was developed to help in the maintenance of hairs that have gone through straightening processes. It also offers anti-frizz action, protects hair from external aggressions and restores softness.

Cupuaçu butter: ideal for increasing the natural moisture and elasticity of the threads.

How to Use:

Hi Hair Care Waterproof 4 Spread the shampoo evenly over the wet scalp and massage. Rinse and repeat the operation if necessary.
Hi Hair Care Waterproof 5  washing with shampoo, with damp hair, apply the length conditioner to the ends and let it act for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

Vegan cosmetics
Cruelty free
100% natural products
Natur tech concept
Encouraging a sustainable economy - favoring the economy in cities
riverside and reforestation of deforested areas
Extraction of national plant assets (Brasileiros - Amazônia)
We connect beauty to nature

01 Hi Haircare Waterproof 4 - Shampoo 230ml
01 Hi Haircare Waterproof 5 - Conditioner 230ml