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Discoloration Prismcolor Revealing Hair Emulsion 30 Volumes 900ml - Richée

by Richée

Indicated to activate the bleaching powder. Its formula is safer, due to the presence of macadamia oil, which keeps the pH always balanced and offers greater treatment power, preserving the integrity and structure of the
hair fiber.

Touch test: Prepare a little of this product as if you were going to use it. Apply to the forearm or behind the ear. Let it acts for 30 minutes. Wash the spot. Wait 24 hours and if during this period there is skin irritation, itching or burning in or near the area, the person's hypersensitivity to the product is proven and, therefore, the product should not be used.

How to Use: it should be used in the preparation of hair colorings and discolorations in the amount indicated in the preparation of the product to be used.

-01 Richée Prismcolor Revealing Hair Emulsion 30 Volumes 900ml