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Platinum Blond Toning Hair shampoo 300ml - Forever Liss


The Platinum Blond Forever Liss Matizing Shampoo 300ml was developed with ingredients that have a powerful antioxidant action, responsible for the removal of the yellow that appears in blond hair.
With rose grape and blueberry, in addition to a mix of vitamins B and C, it gradually corrects the color of the hair, while providing thermal protection against the sun, dryer and straightener, in addition to preventing dryness and providing extreme hydration to the hair. Therefore, your hair will be much softer, shiny and rejuvenated, in addition to gaining an incredible platinum effect!

Blonde, gray or streaked hair.

Antioxidant action;
Yellowish removal;
Deep cleaning;
Hydration and softness;
Wire recovery;
Platinum effect;
Enhances color and brightness.

Rose grape: It has an antioxidant effect, which removes the yellow color and rejuvenates the hair fibers. Recovers brittle threads and moisturizes hair.
Blueberry: Combats the effects of capillary aging, strengthening the hair and promoting its growth.
Vitamin B: Prevents hair loss and provides shine.
Vitamin C: Cleans the hair deeply, removing oil.

How to use
Wash your hair with the Platinum Blond Forever Liss Shampoo 300ml to remove the wipes and remove residues.
Rinse and apply again, massaging from root to tip until foaming, allowing to act for 6 minutes.
Rinse the wires completely.
For a better result use Platinum Blond Tinting Mask.

Clean and hydrated hair, with a gradual reduction of yellowish and enhancement of platinum threads.
The result of the product may vary according to the condition and condition of each type of hair.

01- Platinum Blond Forever Liss Shampoo 300ml