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Hair Fly Combing Cream And Moisturizing Multi Oils 900g


Cream for combing and moisturizing Multi Oils Hair Fly was developed with the most effective oils on the market to moisturize like no other hair: Argan oil is a natural capillary restorer; Avocado oil is rich in minerals and nutrients. Realizing coconut oil wires giving a touch of silk to the hair; Semi di Lino oil is an excellent capillary strength; Sunflower oil protects the wires taking advantage of the best of the solar rays; Macadamia oil is rich in emollients and omega 9 and 7 and finally olive oil which is a natural, regenerating and antioxidant moistant. It is ideal for dehydrated and lifeless hair, but also for those who want a hydration made with the best oils for the hair. Reduces frizz and provides combability, hydrated hair and a lot of life!