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Crystal Sérum Multi Oils Shine Vitality Softness Treatment 60ml - LOF Professional


Serum Multi Oils was developed with the synergy of Argan, Ojon, Macadamia, Linseed and Monoi oils. Specially designed to promote nourishing, moisturizing, humectant and protective action. Seals and strengthens dry ends, promotes shine, softness and vitality to the wires. Regular use of the product prevents the formation of split ends. Contains specific sunscreen for hair. Mineral oil and paraben free formulation.

Indicated for:
All hair types.

Hair with shine, softness and vitality. Prevents the formation of split ends.

How to use:
Apply 3 to 5 drops on the flat of the hands, spread by rubbing the hands and massage from the middle to the ends of the hair until complete absorption. If necessary, repair the hair in two sections to apply the product more evenly.

For a better result, repeat this process every time you dry your hair, alternating the use of the product with Hit 10x1. Try the product at night before bed and wake up with radiant hair!

Tahitian Monoi Oil;
Flaxseed or Flaxseed Oil;
Argan oil;
Ojon oil;
Macadamia Oil.

-01 Cyrstal Oil Sérum 60ml