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De-yellowing Blond Bleached Hair Yellow Neutralizing Conditioner 300ml - Secrets

by Secrets

De-yellowing shampoo for blonde, bleached or gray hair. Secrets Professional De-yellowing Shampoo neutralizes the yellowness and gives shine to the wires. Restores hair vitality.

Secrets Professional De-yellowing Shampoo is developed with violet pigments, capable of neutralizing yellow tones. Contains sunscreen and special silicones that increase protection against color change. Zero salt.

Chamomile extract: it has the power to enhance the golden tone of the hair with luminosity.

Violet Pigment: neutralizes the yellowish tone that may be faded.

Sunscreen: protects from the effects of sunlight, against color fading.

How to use:
Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage gently for a few moments, until you get a creamy lather. Rinse well and repeat the process if you feel the need.

Hair free of yellowish tones, revitalized and illuminated.

-01 De-yellowing Blond Hair Yellow Neutralizing Conditioner 300ml