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Deep Hydration Professional Silicon Blend Deep Hair Mask Argan Mask 250g - Forever Liss


Forever Liss Argan Oil Deep Hair Mask contains argan oil and silicone blend, which reduces frizz and treats the hair, correcting flaws in damaged hair. Its unique formula repairs hair fiber and promotes the natural sealing of the cuticle, softening, moisturizing and restoring the natural flexibility of the hair. In addition to providing deep hydration and protein replacement, thus transforming frizzy, damaged and porous hair into super beautiful hair without frizz, straight, hydrated, malleable and loose.

Indication: Wavy, rebellious, frizzy and frizzy hair that needs hydration and volume reduction.

Argan Oil: Natural compound rich in vitamins A and E and omega 6 and 9, which are instantly absorbed by all types of hair, providing silky and luminous shine.

Vitamin E: Rich in fatty acids, it is known as the youth vitamin. Promotes rejuvenation and hair protection.

- Hydrates;
- Reduces Volume
- Softness
- Frizz reduction
- Repairs the hair fiber
- Wire sealing

Result: Hair aligned, hydrated, ultra bright and moving;

* Product results may vary depending on hair application mode, type, condition and condition.

How to use:
-Wash your hair with a pre-treatment shampoo.
-Dry your hair thoroughly with a towel. Separate the hair into parts;
-With the help of a comb and brush, start the process of applying Deep Hair Mask Argan Oil along the entire length of the strands in thin strands, respecting 1cm from the root.
-Leave the product paused on the strands, according to hair structure (from 20 minutes for lightly wavy hair, up to 30 minutes for longer hair).
-After break time, remove excess with comb or light rinse, removing 50% of the product (for blonde or colored hair, remove 70%);
-Dry the hair 100%, with brush and dryer;
-Finish with board, 10 to 15x each wick, in temperature between 200 and 230ºC (390 to 440ºF);
-After finishing, wash the hair, removing any trace of the product;
-Can be applied conditioner or hydrating mask;
-Dry only with towel and dryer and finish as desired;

01 - Capillary Deep Hair Mask Argan Oil Zero 250g.

*Wash hair in later days with shampoos of pH below 5.5.
*Durability of treatment: 20 to 50 days. Do not reapply in less than 50 days.