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Desamarelador De-yellowing Blond Hair Treatment Vegan Kit 3 Itens - Arvensis

Kit made with plant products. Not tested on animals. Vegan

Shampoo gently cleanses helping to reduce the yellowing effect of blonde, gray or streaked hair. It is formulated with natural products such as bluish pigments and
a Complex of Violet Flowers, which due to its coloring, helps in the formation of more natural tones, in addition to toning and protecting the scalp. Cleans the hair and acts to reduce the yellowing effect. Tones, protects the scalp. It doesn't dry out the strands, thanks to the totally vegetal and natural process with which it is made.

The Arvensis De-yellowing Conditioner was designed to better condition and hydrate blonde and white hair and natural strands or by chemical processes. It forms a protective film that is potentiated together with the de-yellowing action of the shampoo. In its formulation there are bluish pigments and a Complex of Violet Flowers, which due to its coloring. Leaves hair light, with shine and natural balance.

Due to daily wear and tear and its fragility, blond, gray and streaked hair are more susceptible to oxidation and structural problems. The Arvensis Desamareladora line was developed to maintain the health and beauty of the wires, in addition to neutralizing unwanted tones. Formulated through the association of plant extracts, pigments of violet flowers and Pro-Vitamin B5, it provides a de-yellowing action, shine, lightness, balance and sealing of the cuticles, maintaining the necessary natural moisture.

-01 Arvensis Shampoo De-yellowing Blond Hair - 300ml
-01 Arvensis De-yellowing Mask - 250g
-01 Arvensis Unyellowing Conditioner for Blond Hair - 300ml