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Detox Balance Vegan Reconstruction Oil Control Conditioner 250ml - Twoone Onetwo


It is vegan, animal-free and animal-tested free. It is the ideal conditioner for those who are oily and prone to dandruff. It doesn't weigh or accumulate on the wires, leaving the wires super loose and natural. It can be used daily as it does not damage and has a balanced pH. Detoxifies the wires, restores the balance of oiliness and controls dandruff. It is made with licorice, which controls the oiliness of the scalp; chicory, which provides oxygenation; red algae rich in trace elements; biotin, which strengthens and prevents hair loss and menthol with a refreshing action. Contains a high concentration of vegetable glycerin, considered one of the best humectants. Stimulates aromatherapy through the power of Lemongrass essential oil, with several properties, being best known for relieving tiredness and stress through aroma and for strengthening the hair leaving it very healthy.

How to use:
Apply the Twoone Onetwo Detox Conditioner to the hair, massaging the scalp and spreading it gently over the strands. Rinse and repeat the process. Can be used daily. For best results, use in conjunction with Twoone Onetwo Detox Shampoo. Try the hair mask from the line and the Leave-in.

-01 Detox Balance Conditioner 250ml