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Detox Care Hair Growth Micellar Home Care Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Richée

by Richée

New Growth Detox Care line has micellar water, silicones, 100% natural clays and hydrating actives that activate hair growth and provide more complete hair care.

The frequent use of different hair care products ends up generating, over time, an accumulation of residues that damages the wires, leaving them without movement and with that constant feeling of dirt or oil.

This situation, associated with natural factors such as pollution, UV rays, hormonal disorders, stress, poor blood circulation and smoking can interfere with growth and even anticipate the end of the hair's natural cycle, causing it to fall out early. Richée Professional, concerned with the health and beauty of hair, launches the CRESCIMENTO DETOX CARE product line.

This new line of cosmetics was designed with the aim of promoting hair detoxification and helping hair growth. This is possible thanks to its innovative formula with CRESSCAPIL technology based on ingredients that act in the anagen phase (the active growth phase of the hair), providing the hair with nutrients that accelerate the process of hair fiber formation. At the same time, the interval between the fall and the emergence of a new thread is reduced. This process increases the density of the strands, strengthens and improves the overall health of the hair, reducing hair loss and thinning.

GROWTH DETOX CARE employs the same concept as Minoxidil, a product of the pharmaceutical industry. Cresscapil technology, in turn, has the same efficiency as a cosmetic formulation, and can be used in both men and women. Scutellaria, Wheat and Soy Germinated and Watercress and Nasturtium Extract are among the plant ingredients of the formula that, associated with salicylic acid and 100% natural clays, strengthen the hair structure, stimulating growth.

The clays in the formulation are rich in trace elements – catalysts that enhance the effect of the actives – such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, iron and others, which act in cleansing, detoxifying and controlling the oiliness of the scalp. Micellar water replaces common surfactants present in shampoos, providing an efficient cleaning without penetrating the structure and without harming the hair.

The CRESCIMENTO DETOX CARE line consists of the following products:

The Pre Shampoo Lotion purifies the scalp and stimulates the hair follicle, providing healthy hair growth. Regulates the functioning of the capillary bulb and controls oiliness, with a refreshing action. Main Ingredients: Micellar Water, 100% Natural Clays, Wheat and Soy Germ, Peppermint Oil and Salicylic Acid.

Energizing Shampoo gently cleanses the strands. Cleans and cares for the scalp, which contributes to healthy hair growth. It has refreshing action and provides light, shiny hair with a clean feeling for longer. Main ingredients: Micellar Water, 100% Natural Clays, Wheat and Soy Germ.

Multifunctional Mask moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the hair, leaving the hair resistant. Balances oil between roots and ends. Main ingredients: Micellar Water, 100% natural clays, Salicylic Acid, Wheat and Soy Germ.

Growth Fluid acts in the control of hair loss, while stimulating the growth of healthy wires. Formula enriched with silicones, emollients and moisturizers for more complete hair care.
- Successfully prevents hair fall;
- Helps in hair growth;
- Stimulates the hair follicle to produce healthy strands from the root;
- Hydration and emollience to collaborate in the process of healthy hair growth;
- Soothes the sensation of scalp irritation and reduces scaling:
- It forms a protective layer over the wires, protecting them so that there is no premature fall.
Main ingredients: Baicapil, Cressatine and Fucogel.

Usage Mode:
With dry hair, apply the Pre Shampoo Lotion, massaging the scalp and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes. Once that's done, use the Shampoo and then use the Multifunctional Mask from the root to the ends. Let it act for a few minutes and rinse.
With wet or dry hair, apply the Growth Fluid, it can be used daily, after the treatment of the complete Detox Care line, or before.

-01 Pre Shampoo Lotion 120ml
-01 Growth Fluid 60ml
-01 Energizing Shampoo 250ml
-01 Multifunctional Mask 250g