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Detox Oxygenation Treatment Damaged Hair Strenghtening Mask 250g - Plancton


Plancton brings the Plancton Hair Detox, which was specially developed for all types of hair exposed to pollution residues, chlorine, salt, cosmetics and chemicals, which leave the strands opaque, heavy and lifeless.

Its formula restores and returns the natural shine to the hair. In addition, it detoxifies, promoting greater oxygenation of the wires, stimulates the growth of strong and healthy wires, removes impurities from the hair, fights free radicals, rejuvenating the hair fiber and nourishes and protects the wires.

CLAY: Clay reduces oiliness and hair loss, stimulates oxygenation helping healthy hair growth.

CHLORELLA: Chlorella is a freshwater unicellular green alga that contains proteins, several essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and other bioactive compounds.

How to Use:
Wash with detox shampoo, apply the product with a brush, leaving a space of 1 cm from the root, therapy for 5 minutes at the ends, in the sink.
Let it act for exactly 30 minutes
Rinse well with plenty of water, brush and flat iron.

-01 Detox Hair Oxygenation Treatment Mask 250g