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Professional Absolut Blond & Gray Hair Tinting Treatment Mask 200ml - Do-ha

by Do-ha

Absolut Blond Mask neutralizes yellowish and orange in blond and gray. With matizadores pigments (blue and violet) and acai extract, Absolut Blond acts gradually on the wires resulting in a unique and intensely bright platinum, keeping the result salon every day. Full shading and single platinum, is free of sulfated amides and parabens. It is indicated for Blond hair, gray and tinting

How to Use:
After washing your hair with Absolut Blond Shampoo, remove excess water
Apply Absolut Blond Treatment Mask on the hair, from the root to the tips, massaging them gently.
Leave to act on the hair until reaching the desired tone and rinse well.

-01 DO-HA Professional Absolut Blond Mask 200ml