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Drops of Nature Rícino Castor Oil Hair Reconstruction 250ml - Twoone Onetwo


It is vegan, animal-free and animal-tested free. Intense reconstruction and lipid replacement allowing the sealing of damaged cuticles and providing softness, shine and aligned wires, formulated with high concentrations of actives for hair that needs intense hydration and recovery of shine and natural malleability. It acts directly on the cuticle and on the most damaged areas where dryness is the most intense. Develops softness, nourishes and moisturizes. It is suitable for dry, damaged and colored hair, but can be used by all types of hair that need intensive moisturization due to the high concentration of vegetable oils. Contains a high concentration of vegetable glycerin, considered one of the best humectants. Stimulates aromatherapy through the power of Anise essential oil, with several properties, being best known for being efficient in oxygenating the hair bulb, promoting a deep cleansing of the scalp, in addition to stimulating blood circulation in the region.

How to use:
Try to start by applying a small amount, starting with the ends that are more fragile and distributing throughout the length and, in this way, realizing if your hair needs more or less product. It is indicated to use both on wet hair, before drying them and also on already dry hair, in addition to applying before bed to protect the wires. The application of oil to damp hair is more suitable for those who want an intensive hair treatment, as the absorption of benefits is more intense when the strands are still wet. When the strands are in this state, the cuticles are more open, which allows the oil particles to penetrate the hair more easily. Therefore, application to damp hair is more effective to nourish, facilitate detangling and protect hair from the action of heat. Reapply as needed.

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