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Dry Damaged Hair Treatment Repair Fito Protector Kit 2 Itens - LOF Professional


Repair Shampoo:
Repair Phytoprotector Shampoo was developed to repair and treat damaged and colored hair, gently cleaning the strands while protecting and hydrating. Made with Phyto Protective Complex with extracts of Cupuaçu, Mango and Passion Fruit, Amino Acids, Rice Protein and Panthenol, which promote hydration, restore softness and shine, providing silkiness and strength to the hair. The formulation is free of salt (sodium chloride) and parabens to ensure greater safety and performance in your hair.

Damaged and colored hair.

Intensely nourished, silky, protected, disciplined hair with renewed natural shine.

Repair Conditioner:
The Repair Fitoprotector Conditioner was specially developed for damaged and colored hair. With repairing and conditioning power of the wires, it makes combing easier and helps to protect the color. Made with Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Rice Protein, Flax Seed Oil and Panthenol, with antioxidant, repairing and moisturizing action, leaving the hair stronger, flexible, silky, nourished and with intense shine. Mineral oil and paraben free formula.

Indicated for:
Damaged and colored hair.

Intensely nourished, strong and shiny hair.

1 LOF Professional Repair Fito Protector Shampoo – 300ml
1 LOF Professional Repair Fito Protector Conditioner- 250ml