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Biofios Profissional Revealing Emulsion 20 Volumes- Ox 900ml

Revealing Emulsion 20 Volumes Revealing Emulsion - Oxcom High Coverage of White and Bad Ammonia Content, Coloring Biofios Combat Reaction and Preserves Beauty and Health of Wire. Assets- Macadamia oil: emollient and natural moisturizer. Great both to increase softness and to moisturize hair.- Lanolina: Prevents nutrient loss and dryness of wires.

The oxygenated water in biofios cream is used in the proportion of a measure and a half of ox biofios for a professional coloring biofios. Pause time: 35 minutes. Wash well, with water, removing all the waste.- Do not stop doing the wick test and the contact test. Results uniformly pigmented or discolored, with live colors and no damage.