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Equilibrium Anti Dandruff Tonic Hair Spa Protection Treatment 60ml - Acquaflora


Progressive treatment system that helps restore the volume and vitality of the hair, helping in the cosmetic treatment of dandruff and recovering the well-being of the scalp.

Piroctone Olamine: acts directly on the agents that cause dandruff, helping to reduce flaking without harming the hair and restoring the normal balance of the scalp.

Hairspa: exclusive compound that improves the functions of the scalp, minimizing discomfort. It keeps the scalp healthy and gradually restores its balance.

Apply two to three times a week on clean, dry scalp. Gently massage with fingertips. Do not rinse. To enhance the effect, also use the Acquaflora Equilíbrio Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.

-01 Acquaflora Equilibrium Anti Dandruff Tonic 60ml