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Hair Active Streight Argentina Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Cosmetica Argentina


Progressive Brush Cosmetica Argentina is a volume reducer and treatment of smooth effect that promises to end the frizz and realign the locks on the first application. Let loose and oily without wires. You apply and remove the product on the same day and was surprised by the intense brightness provided by Progressive Argentina. The kit contains 2 steps and is perfect for you who want a smooth effect without damaging any hair!

How to use:

- Wet the hair and apply the shampoo massaging the wires gently. Rinse then. For best results, repeat the operation.
- After shampoo, remove excess moisture and apply evenly throughout the wire extension. Let stand for 10 minutes and with a towel to remove excess wire products. Dry, brush and iron.
- Rinse step 2, remove excess moisture. Brushing and iron. 


-1 Shampoo Anti Residue 1L
-1 Active term 1L