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Progressive Brush Nutrilipidica Innovator Formol Free 500ml - Itallian Hair Tech


Really smoothes, realigns the wires, eliminates frizz, providing shine and softness.

The Brush has assets such as Sericin, found in the form of nano particles, which are responsible for achieving the desired effect, in addition to conditioning and brightening the hair. Capillary structure alignment, smooth, soft and very shiny hair.

Sericina da Seda straightens hair?
Yes. Sericina is a protein that forms the silk fiber that is found in the form of nano particles that are responsible for achieving straightening when activated by the dryer and flat iron, in addition to conditioning and brightening the hair.

Is there any contraindications?
No, the product is compatible with all chemicals, but it is always recommended a wick test to measure the resistance of the wires.

What is the result?
In wavy hair it produces a smooth effect and realignment of the threads. In curly and resistant hair, it controls the volume and frizz, its effect is progressive, that is, the more you use this product, the smoother and more aligned the threads will be.

Does the Nutri Lipidic Innovator Brush contain formaldehyde?
It does not have formaldehyde.

Does it have a strong smell?
It has no strong smell and does not sting the eyes because it does not have formaldehyde. It does not smell bad.

Can it fade the wires?
Yes, there may be a fading of 1 to 2 shades. For blond hair, to avoid yellowing, it is recommended to just brush the hair with the dryer, if using a straightener we recommend a maximum temperature of 180 ° C, making a test on a lock is also important to check the degree of fading.

How to Use:
Wash your hair well using a good shampoo, preferably use ITALLIAN's Revitalizing Shampoo Innovator. Dry hair with hair;
Before beginning the application, mix Nutri Lipidic brush well;
Leaving a distance of one centimeter from the roots, apply with a brush the Nutri Lipidic Innovator Brush along the entire length of the strands, always aligning strand by strand;
Let the Nutri Lipid brush act for 45 minutes;
Without rinsing the hair, brush the strands and separate into thin strands to apply the piastra (Flat iron);
After the flat iron, wait about 2 to 3 minutes, until the hair cools down.
Rinse and, if necessary, apply a good conditioner, such as Itallian's Revitalizing Conditioner Innovator. Dry your hair and, if you prefer, you can style it.

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