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Exoplasty Exotrat Nano Home Use (3 products) - Exo Hair Professional


Maintenance and reconstruction set for smoothed or dyed hair. Exo Hair Home Use Kit Reconstruction ensures always shiny and treated hair.

Exo Hair Home Kit Use Reconstruction for special daily maintenance for straightened hair or other types of chemistry. With products developed to replenish mass and rebuild the hair fiber. It uses the ionization concept to further penetrate positive charge assets, which are attracted as "magnets" to negatively charged leads. Hair is full, healthy, soft and shiny.


Exo Hair Exotrat Nano - Shampoo 350ml: shampoo for smoothed hair, dyed or with chemistry. It has a physiological pH that cleans without drying the wires and preserves the brightness. It fills the cuticle and capillary faults for a more enduring effect of the chemical process.

Exo Hair Exotrat Nano Conditioner - Conditioner 250ml: conditioner for smoothed hair, dyed or with chemistry. Reconstitute the cuticle and capillary fiber for a prolonged smooth effect and intense glow.

Exo Hair Exotrat Nano Intense Nutritive Mask 250g: maintenance mask for smoothed, dyed or chemically treated hair. Maintains chemical processes while treating. It restores protein complexes and the emollience of the wires besides repairing the hair fiber without regret.


Exovitin®: Strengthens the cortex protein chain and maintains the hair fiber for a longer lasting smooth effect.


How to use:
Wash hair with Exo Hair Exotrat Nano shampoo and apply the Exo Hair Exotrat Nano Intense Nutritive Mask. Cover the threads and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. Apply the Exo Hair Conditioner Nano Conditioner, massage and leave on the wires for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Full-bodied, healthy and light hair, with luster and long smooth effect.