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Extreme Up Wires Shielding Deep Reconstruction Hair Kit 2 Itens - Itallian Hair Tech


Extreme UP Reconstruction Shampoo has the newest system of reconstructive molecules that acts on the internal structure of the hair, returning its natural properties in the first application.

Deep Reconstruction was specially developed to restore hair from length to ends! Therefore, the right bet to return the natural strength of the hair, leaving it even brighter and softer.

The Extreme Up Reconstruction Blinda Fios Thermoactivated Fluid prepares the wires to receive heat sources without worrying about the appearance of frizz or double stitches. That's because it promotes the sealing of the cuticles, ensuring the alignment of the hair.

- Plant Amino Acids Concentrate

- Global repairer of hair fiber derived from soy and carob. Carob is an edible pod with a dark brown color and sweet taste, the fruit of the carob tree, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and arginine.

- It has exclusive technology of gradual release, which provides longer contact time of the active to the hair bra, enhancing the treatment.

- Increases resistance;
- Redensica os: increases the thickness (diameter) in the first application;
- Forms a moisturizing and protective film, which acts directly on mechanical, thermal and chemical damage;
- Restores the integrity of the capillary arm.
- Cationic conditioning polymer: It has a high degree of lubricity and is compatible with many ingredients
cosmetics, which facilitates its combination with the other components of the formula.
- Keeps the foam dense, creamy and stable;
- Promotes combability and softness to damp hair;
- Does not interfere with cleaning and does not deposit excessively on os (no “Build-up” effect);

How to Use:
Apply the Reconstruction Shampoo to damp hair and massage gently. Rinse and repeat the action if necessary.
Apply Deep Reconstruction to the entire length and ends by massaging.
Let it act for 5 minutes.
Then rinse.
Apply the Wire Shielding Fluid with sufficient amount on damp hair;
Finish with a heat source.
Tip: Shake before use.

-01 Itallian Extreme Up Reconstruction Shampoo 280ml
-01 Itallian Extreme Up Deep Reconstruction Treatment 250g
-01 Itallian Extreme Up Reconstruction Fluid 200ml