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Brazilian Original Saloon Blowout Hair Purifier Smoke Filter Carbon + - Belase

by Belase

The + Carbon filter is a patented product, made from Premium Activated Carbon, which is obtained by the process of physical activation at high temperatures under controlled conditions, providing a high surface area formed by pores evenly distributed from porous material animal origin, being considered one of the most powerful adsorbents known. Its main feature is the large internal surface area, formed by thousands of pores, classified into micro, medium and macro pores, providing high absorption power to purify air and remove odors, obtaining high efficiency at low cost.

When it comes to activated carbon filtration, the more weight the better and the + Carbon filter carries up to 520 grams of premium carbon.

Fibrant element composition:

Carbon 9 - 11%

Acid Soluble Ash <3%

TricalciumPhosphate 70 –76% 

Calcium Carbonate 7 - 9%

Calcium Sulphate 0.1 - 0.2%

Total Specific Surface Area (BET N²) 200m² / g

Round< 0.3%

Total weight: 780 grams

Dimensions: Ø32 cm x 3.5 cm

-01 Belase Smoke Filter + Carbon