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FioTanixx Bio Restore Hair Kit 3x1 - FioPerfeitto

The Perfect Wire, will never leave your hair in hand, reformulated the formula of FioTanix, and the best, continues without formaldehyde! The line features a combination of active and its action is promoted through the junction of Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and Tannic Acid.

FioTannix developed with a moisturizing blend based on Tannic Acid, Arginine and Argan Oil, which promote the volume reduction you desire, also causes the relaxation of the curls, repair and recovery of the brittle wires, caused by the action of time and by others chemical processes. Right from the first application the results are amazing. With the new formula, FioTannix, smoothes even the most resistant hair, reduces the volume and eliminates the frizz in the first application without yellowing the hair lighter and without losing the tone of the hair previously colored. The new formula has essential assets for a complete recovery of yarn straightening and nutrition in complete safety. Say goodbye to aggressive chemicals and preservatives.

Natural Smooth;
Intense Brightness;
Healthy Yarn;
Without aggression to the hair.
* Professional Use.

How to Use:
-Apply FioTanix Shampoo and evenly massage the scalp without rubbing the scalp; Then rinse and dry with the aid of a towel; Repeat the process if necessary.
-After drying the hair well, divide them into strands and apply the FioTannix Step 02, wick to wick, respecting the root distance of 0.5cm; After applying the entire product, cover the hair with a plastic cap and let it act for 35 to 45 minutes;
After the break, rinse the hair thoroughly, removing all the product; With the dryer, dry and brush the hair carefully, leave them well smooth; Then, in fine rovings, plank wick to wick;
Beauty Tip: Pranche Dry 15 times each wick; And for blond hair, use the flat iron at a maximum temperature of 180º.
-After sealing the threads with the board, rinse the hair and apply step 03;
Let it act for 5 to 10 minutes;
Then go ahead and rinse, then finish as you prefer.
Result: Smooth hair, without fading of the threads, treating with brilliance and naturalness without equal;
Extra tip: FioTanix Premium can be made before or after any kind of chemical and progressive preservative-based procedure.

* Not tested on animals;
* Images are merely illustrative.

- FioTannix Step 01 - Preparing Shampoo 1 Liter;
- FioTannix Step 02 - Antifrizz Reducer 1 Liter;
- FioTannix Step 03 - Equalizer Balm 1 Liter.