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Force System Hair Strength Recovery Booster Treatment Kit 4 Itens - Aneethun


Developed to intensely recover weakened hair and boost hair growth, the Force System line has exclusive Densifiber technology that acts from the bulb to the hair cortex. Its formula promotes strength, minimizes hair loss, moisturizes, nourishes and conditions deeply, restoring strength, shine and vitality to the hair. It recovers the strength of the wires, protecting it from environmental damage, as it has a thermoprotection function. Conditioning treatment for deep hair fiber recovery.

- Boosts growth
- Prevents falling
- Increases hair density
- Increases wire gauge
- Restores strength, elasticity and resistance
- Rebuilds fiber
- Moisturizes
- With thermoprotection

Densifiber: The mechanism of action of Densifiber stimulates intracellular metabolism, raises levels of triphosphate atp, improves vascularization of the dermis, boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Vegetable amino acids: They promote a deep reconstruction of the damaged thread, increasing its resistance.

This increase in cell energy leads to stimulation of the hair follicle, the dermal structure responsible for the production of hair, resulting in an increase in the number of hairs that are in the growth phase (anagen), and a reduction in the number of hairs that are in the fall phase (telogen)

How to Use:
- Apply the Shampoo by gently rubbing the entire scalp with your fingertips. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.
- Then the Mask strand by strand, gloving the strands, starting at the ear height towards the ends. Let it act for 2 minutes. Rinse.
- Pass sufficient amount of the product in the palms of your hands, distributing along clean and damp hair. Let it dry naturally or blow-dry your hair. If desired, finish with a flat iron.
- Finally, apply the entire ampoule to damp hair, massaging gently until the end of the thermal action. Rinse

Hydrated, strengthened, shiny hair with more vitality, recovery and healthy growth.

-01 Strengthening Shampoo 300ml
-01 Strengthening Mask 250g 
-01 Strengthening Finisher 250
-01 Strengthening Dose 25g