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Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Organic Progressive Brush 2x300ml - Naturale


100% organic, chemically, aldehyde and hydroxide free progressive brush!
100% Compatible with any Type of Chemistry and Coloring.

Cortex and Cuticle - It recovers the cuticle, developing the smooth and flat surface, which guarantees gloss without the use of silicone to mask the irregularities. The product is free from silicone. Due to the recovery of the layers of the cuticle, it is returned to the hair, shine, smoothness and serosity, leaving them with new looks and appearance. This is due to the presence in the NATURALE product of high molecular weight polysaccharides specific in the function of repairing (filling) the cracks and fissures that occur in the cuticles due to external agents such as solar radiation, wind, excessive drying of the threads, chemical treatments varied, etc ...
With the repair of the irregularities, the cuticle returns to have a smooth and flat surface, which returns the natural shine to the hair. Strengthening the work of polysaccharides (repair of scales). It returns the internal structure of hair, Mass (Internal Keratin) and chemical bonds responsible for hydration.

SHAMPOO - Naturale Shampoo is a cuticle dilator and is suitable for all types of hair. It is a treatment preparer and has been developed with the latest technology to nourish and strengthen hair. The action of Shampoo Naturale removes excess substances (silicones and oils present in creams and finishers.) That interfere with the treatment and conditioning process. The formulation is composed of amino acids, combined with vitamins and natural actives, deeply treats and cleans the hair, without loss of mass, without aggression to the hair, without damaging the hair fiber and preventing the oxidation of the hair. PH 8.5 to 9.

NATURAL ACTIVE - Naturele Conditioning Complex, does not have formal formula and its derivatives, nor cumulative effect, being compatible with any chemistry, and can be used in any type of hair. But, we recommend the wicks test. It is a versatile, complete, high performance product and is based on citroenic acid. It has active systems that act on the hair and hair bulb, guaranteeing effective and safe results in the treatment by disciplining and reconstructing the wires. The ease of application of the Naturale Conditioning Complex allows the professional hairdresser freedom of creation, with a range of benefits in a single product. The NATURALE F0 System Complex conditions up to 100% hair. PH 1.8.

How to use:
Wash the hair thoroughly with the Shampoo Naturale, which is a treatment preparer, three times or more if necessary, spreading the product well, especially on the nape and roots. In the third wash let the product act for 5 minutes before rinsing.
After the correct application of the shampoo, dry 100% the hair without brushing. Apply the Conditioning Complex with a fine comb evenly across the strands of hair, leave a 30-minute break, rinse the hair with running water, then dry 100%, brush well and clip the hair with fine locks, with a temperature between 200 ° C and 210 ° C. For specific hair (Blonde, Colored, Afro, Straight or with Henê), we have the step-by-step described below.

-After finishing the process, you can wash your hair on time, if you wish, you do not have to stay 3 days without washing your hair.
- Its smooth effect lasts for 2 to 3 months, depending on the care you take with your hair on a daily basis. But if you need it, it can be reapplied in up to 3 days.
-After use of Naturale, you can do the coloring process at the same time.
-It does not smell, you can apply it with the closed doors of the hall that will not bother the other people who are there.
-The NATURALE Active is liquid, which makes a good yield of 7 to 12 applications (according to the size and volume of the hair).
- There is no contraindication for using NATURALE in pregnant women, infants and children from the age of 8 years. BUT BEFORE USING, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU HAVE MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION.

01 - Naturale Shampoo 300ml - Step 1
01 -Active - Activated Term Anti-Frizz 300ml - Step 2