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Formaldehyde Free Progressive Reduction Brush Kit 2x1l - Maria Escandalosa

Developed with Argan Oil + Soy Protein Blend and Cocoa, the Maria Escandalosa Reduction Kit promotes volume reduction, repair and recovery of the yarn in a single step. Reduces frizz, restores keratin to wires providing brilliance, softness and unparalleled alignment.

Developed for the treatment and hair restructuring of curly hair or with a high volume. Provides smoothing of wires, reduces volume and hydrates at the same time.

Anti-Wastes Shampoo - With a special blend of Keratin and Argan Oil, it eliminates all residues accumulated in day-to-day wires and chemicals, carefully developed to promote a deep cleaning of the threads, removing the residues that make hair heavy, opaque and lifeless.

Volume Reducing Mask - promoting an absolute smooth effect and intense repair of the wires. Its unique formula with 0% Formol, thus ensuring the health of those who apply and use the product. Treating and smoothing the hair leaving them lighter, looser and beautiful in a natural way. Exclusive Blend base of natural extracts, containing Keratin and Argan Oil, to moisturize and restore wires, promoting the shielding of the threads by closing the cuticles.

How to use:
1 - Apply a quantity of Anti-Waste Shampoo to the hair, massaging throughout its length, until a rich and creamy foam;
2 - Let it act for a few minutes, rinse and repeat the process to open the cuticles.
3 - Debt the hair in four parts;
4 - Dry 90% of the threads, then apply the Volume Reducing Mask, wick per strand evenly distributed throughout the hair.
5 - Leave to act for 10 minutes;
6 - Rinse and finish as you wish.

01 - Anti-Waste Shampoo Maria Escandalosa 1000ml;
01 - Volume Reducing Mask Maria Escandalosa 1000ml.