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Moisturizing Hydration Hair Maintenance Home Care Kit 4 Itens - Formalisa


The Formalisa Professional Hydration Hair Maintenance Kit is a Professional Treatment for thermo-activated hair reconstruction especially for Dry and Damaged Hair. The best professional hair treatment.

Hydration Formalisa removes frizz, lowers volume, prolongs the smooth effect of straightened hair, leaves it extremely soft and shiny.
For all hair types, especially for chemically damaged, brittle and dry hair. Recovers that hair, returning hair health.

A line specially developed to assist the professional hairdresser in the hair recovery processes. Formulated with the highest technology, the line has 100% professional products that regenerate the damaged hair, allowing the hairdresser to perform the most diverse chemical processes: Coloring, Relaxation, Bleaching, Straightening. State-of-the-art actives allow us to say that the Hydration Kit is much more than a hydration line. It is a hair regeneration and restructuring line.
It can be used in three ways, such as hydration, reconstruction and cauterization. A complete hair schedule in one kit. It can be used in the bath normally, for those who do not want to do cauterization. Just doing the other two steps.

Hydration Formalisa: Eliminates Frizz. Softener and ultra hydrating. With no addition of dyes, it has a post progressive action. Post chemistry. Indications: Chemically transformed hair. Result: Creates a protective anti-moisture film. Provides long-lasting shine and softness. The Hydration Kit was developed from a reconstructive complex (NANO REPAIR + PANTHENOL + KERATINA). It has sunscreen and special silicones. It helps in the reconstruction of strands with porous and brittle appearance, reducing split ends, eliminating frizz and coating the fiber with a long-lasting anti-humidity shield. Returns the natural look, promotes softness and 3D shine to the hair.

How to use the Hydration Shampoo: With damp hair, apply the Hydration Shampoo and massage until foaming is abundant. Rinse and repeat the operation. For best results use the Hydration Formalisa Professional line.

How to Use the Conditioner: Apply a small amount from length to ends to damp and sanitized hair. Comb (do not rinse). If desired, then start the brush and flat iron process.

How to Use Hydration Conditioning Mask: Let the hair return to room temperature. Rinse well with plenty of water. Apply the Conditioning Mask, massage intensively and wait 3 minutes. Rinse, Finish as desired.

How to use the Leave-In Hydration: With clean and conditioned hair, apply a small enough amount of the Leave-In on the hair, shaping to taste. Let it act, no need to rinse.

01 - Hydration Formalisa Professional Shampoo - 300ml
01 - Hydration Formalisa Professional Conditioner - 300ml
01 - Leave-In Hydration Formalisa Professional - 300ml
01 - Hydration Formalisa Professional Mask - 300g