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Formol Free Volume Reduction B.TX Platinum Blond 2x250ml - Plancton Professional


B.TX Platinum Shampoo - it was developed to clean and treat hair before and after application of the B.TX Platinum Volume Reducer. Provides cleanliness and smoothness leaving a natural feeling, prolonging the smooth effect and the platinum effect.

B.TX Platinum 3 in 1 Conditioner - it was developed to act as: conditioner, leave-in and Defrizante with thermal protection, leaving the cuticles sealed with the reduced porosity of the threads guaranteeing emolliency and softness.

Active: Argan oil, Ojon oil, violet anti-yellowing agents (tinting agents). This product does not contain formaldehyde.

How to Use:
1 - Wash with B.TX Shampoo as many times as necessary.
2 - Dry 50% of the hair, divide it and start applying the B.TX Platinum by the nape, leaving 1 cm away from the root;
3 - Let it act for 30 to 90 minutes (depends on the resistance of the hair), rinse well.
4 - Brush your hair and plank (flat ironing) 8 to 10 times in thin strands.
Attention: do not use anti-residue shampoo.
5 - The 3 in 1 B.TX Platinum Conditioner, which can be used in 3 functions:
Conditioner: After using Shampoo, apply a small amount of B.TX Platinum Conditioner to damp hair, let it act for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, remove excess water.
Leave-in: Whenever you need to finish your hair, use the B.TX Platinum. Applying a small amount to the wires. You don't need to rinse.
Thermal Protector: When you want to protect your hair from the heat of the board or dryer, apply a small amount of the B.TX Platinum defrizant spreading it all the way through the hair. It does not need rinsing.

-01 Plancton B.TX Platinum 3 Weeks Smooth Kit 2x250ml