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Fusion Brush Clean Force Formaldehyde Biotic Premium 8 2x1L - American Desire


American Desire Fusion Brush Progressive Formaldehyde 2x1 liter is the solution for damaged, unruly and frizz-attacked hair. Perfect smooth result, with radiant shine and complete finish.

Clean Force Shampoo: has a formula selected with the best compounds and exclusive combinations that result in control and absolute suppleness.

Reductor Nutritive: is the solution for damaged, indiplined and frizz-attacked hair. It provides the perfect smooth result, with radiant shine and complete finish.

- Murumuru: is ideal for bulky hair, typical of Brazilian women. They tame the wires and have anti-frizz action. They are also indicated to treat yarns damaged by the action of wind, sun, flat iron and even dye. This gives you hydrated and less elastic threads.

- Buriti: contains the largest amount of natural Vitamin A among all the fruits and vegetables ever discovered, it is also rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, the oil also has natural protection properties against ultra violet rays.

- Argan: the function of Argan oil is to shine, remove frizz and protect against moisture and other external factors that can harm hair strands.

- Biotic Premium 8: Stunning combination of 8 equalized and evolved acids. The hair naturally tends to return after a straightening process, as the bonds that have been smoothed are weakened, with this they return to the natural state of the hair.
Biotic Premium 8 acts to promote resistance with strength and vitality in the wire structure. These combinations of 8 agents that fight yarn frizz, do not work alone. They have Murumuru, which reduces 80%, together with buriti, the straightening service, combined with Biotic Premium

How to Use:
- Apply Clean Force step 01 Shampoo to damp hair, evenly distributing it and massage gently, without rubbing on the scalp. Observe the ends of the wires carefully and rinse. Repeat the process until you feel that the hair cuticles are already open, according to the diagnosis. T
- Remove excess moisture with the aid of a towel. Dry your hair 100% with a hairdryer at medium temperature. Separate the hair into 4 parts and apply Reductor Nutritive Fusion Brush Step 02, starting at the nape, strand by strand, using a brush. Apply ½ cm from the root. Realign the strands in full length with a fine comb.
- Let it pause for 30 minutes (it is extremely important that the pause time is respected), and rinse the hair, only with water, to remove the excess product.
Then brush your hair, using a blow dryer. Use the thin plank, or piastra, with a temperature of 220º C, in thin strands, from the root to the ends, 20 to 30 times. Due to the fragility of blond hair, we do not recommend using two sequential plates.
- Finish as you wish.

-01 American Desire Fusion Shampoo 1L
-01 American Desire Fusion Reductor 1L