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Gloss Glitter Thermal Reconstruction Kit 2x1L - Fox

by Fox
The Glitter Line is a hair revolution! It reduces the volume, treats and revitalizes the wires, because it counts on noble silicones that give to the hair health and intense brightness as the glitter. Get ready to shine!

Fox Gloss Glitter Thermal Reconstruction is a semi-definitive treatment, sealing and thermal alignment. 100% smooth hair, called plastic threads, without the aid of relaxation is compatible with any type of hair. The result is loose, strong, soft, shiny, healthy and hydrated hair. Even after it gets wet. Fox Gloss Glitter has a 100% smooth effect. It is composed of proteins, its active ingredient is phenoxyethanol, which is approved in Brazil, Japan and Europe. It has no cumulative effect on the product. hair, you can use as many times as you like and find it necessary. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN FORMOL.