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Go Style Frizz Killer Sérum Thermal Sealing Extra Shine Treatment 150ml - MAB

by MAB

Serum for all hair types. MAB Marco Antônio by Biaggi Go Style Frizz Killer promotes wire sealing, thermal protection and extra shine.

The MAB Marco Antônio Serum by Biaggi Go Style Frizz Killer has an ultra-light formula and disciplining action. Its special actives protect the wires from the harmful action of heat while sealing the cuticles, instantly eliminating frizz in an effective and lasting way, in addition to providing shine to the wires.

Balsamic vinegar, alpha and polyhydroxy acids, sugars and polysaccharides: act intensely and rebalance the hair's pH.

How to use:
Spray the product on slightly damp or dry strands, from root to tip, along the entire length of the hair. let it dry naturally.

-01 Go Style Frizz Killer 150ml