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Professional Revitlizing Gold Butterfly Moisture Mask 150g - Maria Escandalosa

Maria Escandalosa Revitalizing Gold Butterfly restores the natural lipid protection of the threads after chemical processes. Revigorates the natural shine, giving hair a healthy appearance with weight and balance, even after transformation processes such as locks, coloring, sealing and relaxation.

It promotes a high replenishment of essential nutrients, increasing the resistance and lubricity of the threads, nourishing the deeper layers of the hair fiber, shielding and sealing the surface and cuticles of the threads. The result is hair with total fiber repair, soft to the touch, soft and shiny.

How to Use:
Apply the Revitalizing Golden Bath on damp hair that has been washed from length to length, gently massaging the strands. Leave on for 3 minutes for maximum hydration and then rinse with plenty of water. Finish as you wish.

01 - Maria Escandalosa Revitalizing Gold Butterfly Mask 150g