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Gold-Plated High Impact Mask 500g - Ocean Hair

The Ocean hair Gold-Plated Mask has been developed to provide shine, lightness, lightness and softness to the hair.

Elaborated with Wheat Protein and Panthenol, it promotes the restoration of strength and revitalization to the hair fiber.

Its formula enriched with mica, produces a glowing effect besides providing malleability, softness and silkiness to the hair.

How to use:
- Wash your hair twice using the Hydrativit OceanHair Nutrition Shampoo. Rinse and remove excess water.
- Apply a generous amount of High Impact OceanHair Gold Bath Mask on clean and moist hair,
wick to wick, starting at the ends, gently massaging the strands until they reach the root.
- Leave to act between 10 to 20 minutes, with or without heat source.
- Rinse thoroughly, brush with High Temperature Hydrativit OceanHair fluid and finish with Serum Luminosity OceanHair.

External use. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of allergy to any of the components of the formula, discontinue use.