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Gregin 5 Beard Bigode E Chops Black 110 - Grecin

by Grecin

The Color Grecin 5 shampoo helps recover the natural color of your beard, coloring the white hairs in just 5 minutes, as well as enriching the wires with fortifying vitamins.

Gregin 5 beard, mustache and chops

Formulated for the hairs of the face and temporas

Gregin 5 is a thick gel that does not flow, ensuring a good fixation of color on the thicker of the face. It is indicated to cover the first white wires that begin to appear generally in the region of the temples, beard, mustache and chops. With the applicator brush, you control the amount of grays you want to cover.

Natural appearance

Acts exclusively on white wires. Returns to the temples, beard and mustache a discreet tone that matches the natural color of your hair. Gregin 5 Color Gel matches perfectly with the tonalities of the Creacin 5 color shampoo.

Use mode

Each package can render up to 5 applications. The amount of applications that will render will depend on the size of the area where the product will be applied and the amount of hair in this area.

1. Mix and apply. 2. Wait 5 minutes. 3. Rinse.

It is worth the following tip: in doubt, start with a clearer hue. You can easily apply a darker tone afterwards. Remember: Gregin 5 was specially formulated to cover only the gray wires, returning a discreet tone and that combines with the natural color of your hair.