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Grows Hair Thermal Protection Herbal Hair Leave In 5 in 1 140g - Forever Liss


Grows Hair Forever Liss Leave In promotes thermal protection and detangling action, improving the appearance of aging and dryness. Provides shine, softness and instant nutrition, aligns cuticles and reduces frizz. It acts efficiently ensuring full use of the active ingredients Biotin, D-Panthenol, Vitamin A and Ceramides, stimulating hair growth.

- Accelerated growth;
- Capillary Strengthening;
- Prevents the fall;
- Moisturizes Battered Wires;
- Intense shine;
- Silkiness;
- Softness;
- Restores the health of the hair bulb.

- Biotin: Vitamin B complex, a natural asset that stimulates growth by acting directly on the hair follicle, in addition to preventing hair loss;
- Vitamin A: Boosts accelerated hair growth;
- Ceramides: It has the function of keeping water and nutrients inside the wire making it resistant and healthy;
- D'Pantenol: Offers maximum hydration in the threads providing softness, leading to shine giving more life to the threads.

How to use:
- With dry or damp hair, apply a small amount of Leave-in in length and tip;
- Gently massage strand by strand;
- Do not rinse and finish modeling as you wish.

Keep in a cool place and away from bright light. Adult and outdoor use. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly. If you get an allergy, suspend the use. If irritation persists, seek medical advice. Do not ingest, do not reuse the packaging for other purposes, keep out of reach of children and pets. After use, keep the packaging closed.

01 - Forever Liss Leave-in Grows Hair 140g.