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Salon Line Guanidina Mango Seed Oil Hair Smooth Relaxes Hydrating System 218g


Salon Line Guanidina Mango Seed Oil smoothes, relaxes and reduces the volume of hair, leaving it smoother and looser. Its formula provides a fast and efficient result, in addition to containing Mango Seed Oil, which hydrates, recovers and strengthens the hair. Guanidine is compatible with Sodium Hydroxide and Lithium, and incompatible with Ammonium Thioglycolate. Watch out for colorings that contain Ammonia.

How to use:
Wear gloves throughout the product application process. First do the wick test before applying the product to ensure that the hair can receive and check the application time. Do not use Anti-dandruff Shampoo for at least 3 days before.

1 - With your hair untangled, divide it into four parts with non-metallic fasteners. If you are a professional hairdresser and have experience in the relaxation process, you can divide the hair into more than 4 parts, according to your preference.

2 - With a fine tooth comb start the application at the nape, in the 1st first quadrant, distributing the product in thin strands from the root to the middle of the hair, avoiding touching the scalp. Keeping a distance of 0.5 cm from the root. The application of the relaxing cream on the root should be done gently with the comb, in order to ensure a natural effect. Do not pull the root.

3 - After applying the product on all the locks of the first quadrant, proceed to the following quadrants, repeating the same application process.

4 - When finishing the application, go back to the 1st quadrant and using a medium tooth comb, apply the product from the length to the ends.

5 - Continue the procedure in all quadrants until all the hair has received the product. Leave the product according to the time indicated in your wick test.

6 - Rinse the hair thoroughly, with warm water or at room temperature. Make sure that all relaxation has been removed from all applied areas. Avoid the eye area while rinsing. Rinse three (3) times following the same application process lasting three (3) to four (4) minutes per part, making sure that the relaxation is gone.

7 - The Neutralizing Shampoo Salon Line with color indicator is indispensable for the total removal of residues, it will also alert you of the place where the relaxation has not been completely removed. Check the color of the shampoo to find out where product residues are still in the hair. Wash your hair until the foam is completely white. Then rinse well.

8 - After relaxation, neutralization and rinsing are completed correctly, apply a Salon Line Conditioner of your choice.

9 - Make the product evenly distributed throughout the hair. Let it act for (5) minutes. Rinse well with warm water, dry with a towel and finish as desired.

RETOUCH: It will be necessary to repeat the process as the hair grows. It is recommended that a new application take place in 90 days (time necessary for the growth of at least 3 cm from the root). When retouching, apply the product only to the area of ​​new hair, that is, growth. Without taking the product to the length and ends. Follow the application steps.

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