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Hair Care Beauty Balance 2x1 Shampoo Aloe Vera Vegan Cleansing 270ml - Ahoaloe

by Ahoaloe

Formulated with sublime aloe vera gel, this dynamic shampoo rigorously cleanses and conditions hair without drying hair and scalp. The extracts of ginger, cavalinha and mint, present in its formulation, revitalize the peripheral circulation in the hair follicles, strengthening the healthy growth of the locks. The miraculous copaiba and tea tree oils balance excessive oiliness and protect the entire capillary apparatus from the actions of germs and external agents such as the sun or pollution.

Not tested on animals
petrolatum free
sulfate free

Aloe: In the hair, the miraculous green is an intense hair moisturizer with extraordinary penetrability, which makes them always soft and flexible, preventing breakage and scaling. Aloe gel is still a prodigious carrier of nutrients and minerals for the scalp. This peculiar action gives strength, volume and healthy hair growth and preserves the integrity of the bulbs at the roots.

Cavalinha: For revitalized skin and hair, horsetail reserves a mineralizing gallop rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium and other precious elements to fight external enemies such as pollution and the sun. A horse stimulant of skin metabolism and abundant in vitamin C, the pointed lady brings with it regenerating and healing energy by activating peripheral blood circulation.

Melaleuca: The magic of its bright, sweet camphor and penetrating oil lies in the three main chemotypes of its active principles: terpinen-4-ol, cineole and terpinolene. These three are responsible for the bactericidal, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and immunostimulant traits contained in the tea tree's strength of action. Its healing power is the envy of great shamans.

Ginger: Its thermogenic effect stimulates peripheral circulation and helps in the absorption of nutrients and oxygen in the hair follicles, favoring healthy hair growth. Loaded with iron, calcium and fatty acids, this fiery tuber restores the density of fine and brittle hair, strengthening the structures for free, light and loose locks.

Green Tea: Rich in vitamin B, the coveted and pure potion controls seborrheic alopecia and diminishes the splitting of hair fiber ends. In addition, it smoothes the surface of the wires, leaving your locks looser and more disciplined. Its high concentration of polyphenols helps to strengthen the roots and activate the hair follicles, and its anti-inflammatory and astringent action fights dandruff and parasites that are difficult to diagnose. This five thousand year old Chinese elder made the head of the red emperor, Shen Nong, for its therapeutic qualities.

Andiroba: Smoother than a soapy catfish, the slightly velvety viscosity of andiroba oil is so fine that it easily reaches the body of the hair strands, intensely nourishing and softening the locks. Splendid and leafy, its walnuts produce a penetrating, earthy smoky perfume oil that gently thickens into the skin, deeply soothing and enriching hydration.

Mint: With its refreshing aura, it acts directly on the nervous system, welcoming the well-being that everyone seeks. Anesthetic, sensitizing and delicious.

Lemongrass: With bactericidal, antifungal and analgesic actions, lemongrass has become the darling among beauty alchemists. The essence of its satiny sap are compounds called citral and myrcene. The first has the strong citrus odor and the second is the sweetest note of the essential oil. On the skin, lemongrass helps in the absorption of Vitamin A, toning and regenerating the tissues.

Cedarwood: Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve skin stress caused by razor use and protect follicles from bacteria and everyday dirt.

Eucalyptus: In addition to sterilizing hair follicles, preventing inflammation, its stimulating action helps hair grow more resistant.

How to Use:
Massage into wet hair, enjoying the sweet aroma of this gentle BALANCE antiseptic shampoo. Then rinse well and repeat the operation as many times as you like. One is good, two is very good and this one is awesome!

-01 Balance 2x1 Shampoo 270ml