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Hair Care Beauty Neutral Base Vegan Conditioner Streghtening 270ml - Ahoaloe

by Ahoaloe

Soft and strengthening the hair structure, this creamy conditioner aligns the distribution of locks, without weighing down or weakening the natural support of the hair type.

Suitable for all hair types, its formula also has the bonus of pracaxi and copaiba oils to round out this beautiful alchemy that protects the entire hair apparatus from the action of external agents.

Natural and traced origin
Not tested on animals
petrolatum free
sulfate free

Aloe: In the hair, the miraculous green is an intense hair moisturizer with extraordinary penetrability, which makes them always soft and flexible, preventing breakage and scaling. Aloe gel is still a prodigious carrier of nutrients and minerals for the scalp. This peculiar action gives strength, volume and healthy hair growth and preserves the integrity of the bulbs at the roots.

Pracaxi: the vegetable oil extracted from its seeds by cold pressing contains an abundant amount of behenic acid, an organic varnish that preserves the natural moisture of the skin and hair. That's why pracaxi is considered the green silicone of the forests. Audacious in retaining water in tissues, this golden oil is a significant accelerator in the regeneration factors of the epidermis and directly contributes to the production of collagen and elastin.

Copaíba: Woody, earthy and fruity, the oil-resin of copaibeira, balm from the Amazon, carries a legion of unique benefits for the health of the body. Natural antibiotic of the tropics, the carmine liqueur of the shamans of the woods is a real killjoy for germs and an excellent purifier of the bronchi and respiratory tract.

How to use:
After washing, apply the necessary amount of NEUTRA conditioner along the length of the strands and massage gently. Use a comb to facilitate detangling and provide greater softness.

-01 Neutral Base Conditioner 270ml