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Hair Care Beauty Vitality Shampoo Nourishing Cleansing Vegan 270ml - Ahoaloe

by Ahoaloe

Its myriad of B vitamins and amino acids are essential elements to strengthen the entire hair structure, from the roots to the tips. Of course, the scalp could not be left out. The cleansing power of aloe unclogs the hair follicles of seated fat, facilitating the absorption of nutrients. Together with the tropical oils of andiroba and copaiba, this trio helps not to accumulate oil on the scalp, leaving the locks looser.

Horsetail and sage extracts boost this formula with a collection of rich minerals, protecting the hair from external enemies such as solar radiation and pollution, in addition to defending cells against the action of free radicals and against unwanted bacteria.

Natural and traced origin
Not tested on animals
petrolatum free
sulfate free


Aloe: In the hair, the miraculous green is an intense hair moisturizer with extraordinary penetrability, which makes them always soft and flexible, preventing breakage and scaling. Aloe gel is still a prodigious carrier of nutrients and minerals for the scalp. This peculiar action in the shampoo gives strength, volume and healthy hair growth and preserves the integrity of the bulbs at the roots. Soft and juicy, its astringent action balances the hydrolipidic function of the skin and its moisturizing power captures the water molecules in the cells, favoring the absorption of nutrients more easily.

Horsetail: Packed with the active known as the “forgotten ingredient”, silicic acid, this slender herb, is a gentle cleansing agent like spring dew. For revitalized skin and hair, horsetail reserves a mineralizing gallop rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, potassium and other precious elements to fight external enemies such as pollution and the sun.

Andiroba: Splendid and leafy, its nuts produce a penetrating and earthy smoked perfume oil, which gently thickens the skin, calming and deeply enriching hydration. The slightly velvety viscosity of andiroba oil is so fine that it easily reaches the body of the hair strands, intensely nourishing and softening the locks.

Copaíba: Woody, earthy and fruity, the oil-resin of copaibeira, balm from the Amazon, carries a legion of unique benefits for the health of the body. Natural antibiotic of the tropics, the carmine liqueur of the shamans of the forests is the real killjoy of the germs and an excellent purifier of the bronchi and airways.

Sage: has powerful antiseptic and antioxidant properties to enrich the most noble cosmetic potions.

Cedarwood: Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve skin stress caused by razor use and protect follicles from bacteria and everyday dirt.

Lemongrass: With bactericidal, antifungal and analgesic actions, lemongrass has become the darling among beauty alchemists.

Eucalyptus: In addition to sterilizing hair follicles, preventing inflammation, its stimulating action helps hair grow more resistant.

Mint: Stimulating and revitalizing, this majestic herb ignites the senses and awakens the mind to all challenges.

How to Use:
With wet hair, apply the necessary amount of VITALIDADE shampoo and lightly massage the strands and scalp. Rinse well afterwards. Couldn't resist the taste of wanting more? Repeat the operation as many times as you like.

-01 Vitality Shampoo 270ml