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Hair Plastic Strands Treatment Straightening Thermal Sealing Kit 3x1L - Aloe

by Aloe

The Cosmetic Aloe Pre-Treatment Shampoo deeply cleans the wires, delicately opening the wire scales, facilitating the penetration of the Plastic Thermal Sealing assets of the wires.

How to use: After dampening the hair with water, apply a generous amount of Aloe Cosmetics Pre Treatment Shampoo on the hair and massage gently to obtain foam. Rinse and repeat the operation once more.

Thermal Sealing, by Aloe Cosmetics, promotes the natural smooth effect and leaves hair frizz-free and very shiny, promotes the natural smooth effect and leaves hair frizz-free and very shiny.

How to use: After washing your hair with Aloe Cosmetics Pre-Treatment Shampoo, dry your hair 80-100%. Divide the hair into 3 parts and start the application strand by strand, 1 cm from the root. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove excess product from each strand you apply. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and dry it with a hairdryer in the cold air, then in the hot air using a brush to dry the hair completely. Then pass the board in thin strands for 15 times each. Wait for it to cool down. Rinse the hair well and apply the finishing mask, remove and dry normally.

Conditioning Mask:
About the product: The Aloe Cosmetics Conditioning Mask acts directly on the cracks and micro erosions of the hair fiber. With exclusive technology, it seals and repairs the hair strand, thus providing strength and protection. The considerable increase in shine and strength that the hair acquires after its application is visible. Ideally, it should be used at the end of the wire plastic process, after removing step 2.

How to use: After rinsing step 2 of the plastic wrap, and with the hair still damp and in the sink, apply a generous portion of the Aloe Cosmetics Conditioning Mask evenly throughout the hair and massage lightly into strands. Give it a 5-10 minute break and then wash it off with just water. Then dry as you wish.

-01 Aloe hair Plastic Shampoo 1L
-01 Aloe hair Plastic Sealing 1L
-01 Aloe hair Plastic Mask 1L