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Hair Recover Reconstruction Laundry Kit 2x2.5L - Zap Cosmetics

Zap Professional Kit Nanofix Recover Kit - is suitable for resected, chemically treated and stained hair. Cleans, conditions and repairs dry and damaged wires, adding body and eliminating frizz. Promotes the health of the scalp and wires.

It is designed to repair and nourish the hair, leaving them disciplined and silky. Promotes lightness for all hair types. In chemically treated hair, it restores the natural pH of the threads, giving softness with an incomparable sheen.
It acts deeply restoring the porous and damaged hair, the aggressions suffered by the chemistry

How to use:
Nanofix Recover Shampoo Washbasin: massage on wet hair and then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner Nanofix Recover Washbasin: Apply the conditioner to damp hair. Do not rinse.

Smooth hair with protection, hydration, nutrition, discipline, suppleness, enhancing the smoothing effect with softness and shine!

01 - Shampoo Recover Zap Professional 2,5L
01 - Recover Conditioner Zap Professional 2,5L