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Strength Bright Hair Growth Cavalo Forte Strong Horse Leave-In 150g - Haskell

by Haskell

Leave-in for weakened and difficult-to-grow hair. Haskell Strong Horse Leave-In finishes for more strength and protection.

Thermoactive, Haskell Cavalo Forte Leave-In helps in healthy growth by protecting the hair against the heat of the dryer and UV rays. It also facilitates combing without tugging so as not to break your hair.

Biotin, Panthenol and Keratin: stimulate hair growth while repairing damage, intensely moisturizes and increases the elasticity of the hair.

How to Use:
Apply leave-in on damp or dry hair from length to ends. Spread well and finish as desired.

-01 Haskell Cavalo Forte Leave-In Finisher 150g