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Cassava Moisturizing Opaque Hair Growth Aid Treatment Mask 250g - Haskell

by Haskell

The Haskell Cassava Mask has a consistent texture and with pieces of cassava leaf, the main ingredient responsible for strengthening the strands that grow healthier, fuller and malleable.

Cassava extract: rich in proteins, vitamins A and C and minerals, such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, essential elements for the nutrition of hair fiber;

Castor oil: strengthens the threads and has high hydrating power;

Vitamin E: combats hair aging.

How to Use:
After washing your hair, apply the mask strand by strand, from length to ends.
Massage and leave on for 15 minutes. If you prefer, use a thermal or aluminum cap.
Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

-01 Haskell Cassava Moisturizing Mask 250g