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Dry Hair Treatment Murumuru Conditioner Extended Nutrition 500ml - Haskell

by Haskell

Conditioner for dry and rough hair. Haskell Murumuru conditioner restores softness and shine through replenishing nutrients. Ideal for those who notice the stiffer wires and with less movement.

Haskell Murumuru Conditioner penetrates the threads to repair cracks caused by dryness, in addition to sealing cuticles for a much more silky touch, light movement and much more shine.

Murumuru butter: highly nutritious Amazonian fruit. Recovers hydration and nourishment of the threads for more softness.

Vegan formula, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

How to Use:
After washing, spread the conditioner along the length and ends of the hair. Massage lock by lock and let it act for 1 or 2 minutes. Rinse well.

-01 Haskell Murumuru Vegan Conditioner 500ml