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Murumuru Shampoo Extended Nutrition Dry Vegan Hair Treatment 300ml - Haskell

by Haskell

Hydrating and nourishing shampoo for dry hair. Haskell Murumuru Shampoo cleans while recovering softness and shine. Ideal for those who feel rough and stiffened threads.
It has all the nutritional power of the Amazonian fruit, present in the entire line. Penetrates deeply into the fiber to repair possible damage caused by dryness and return all soft touch.

Murumuru butter: main nutritive active present in the formula. Replenishes essential ingredients to leave the hair hydrated and soft-looking.

Vegan formula, free of perabens and dermatologically tested.

How to Use:
Apply a little shampoo on the damp hair. Massage the scalp until foam appears and rinse. Repeat the process.

-01 Haskell Murumuru Shampoo Extended Nutrition 300ml