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Help Color Maintenance Argan Oil Lycopene Hair Treatment Kit 2x1 - Clorofitum


Shampoo Help! Color gently cleanses the hair strands forming a protective layer on the locks or region that has undergone a chemical procedure, preventing the loss of color and capillary resistance. Formulated with ARGAN and special LYCOPENE raw material that are potent active scavengers against free radicals released during sun exposure and bad weather (salt air, pollution, humidity).

MASK Help! Color is a solution that aims to complement the shampoo, offering a protective layer that inhibits the fading of hair color, as it is an antioxidant and protects the DNA of hair cells. It has an anti-stress effect by inhibiting the harmful effects caused by exposure to solar radiation and bad weather (salt air, pollution, humidity). Product made with selected materials such as ARGAN and LYCOPENE extracted from fruits exposed to the strong MOROCCO sun.

-01 Help Color Shampoo 1L
-01 Help Color Mask 1Kg