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Semprebella Henê Medium Pelucia Pouch 180g


Proudly Happy Forever

We are many, we are strong, we are beautiful! Proud of our hair, our pretty little basic! And Henê Pelucia, who has always been by our side, now innovated once. Brings the pure black olive oil to nourish the wires and make our hair shine. Henê Pelucia has everything for us to feel always free and ready to call muuuito attention where to pass! Characteristicsindication for all kinds of hair
s.aisalisa, pinta de black and treats the hairs.ItAzeeite of black olive. Benefits
Nutrition and Megabrillo.ResultAdocabelão Flat drained, black and with brightness to seal!
Mode of Use
1 - Pull with thin comb, from the root to the tips, stretching well the wires.

2 - Cover with a plastic cap for 60 minutes (the effect will be the same if the time is greater).

3 - Rinse your hair well and wash them with shampoo and condition.

4 - If you want a very smooth effect, you can make a brush.

5 - And if you want a wavy hairstyle, just let your hair dry on bobs. We advise 2 applications per week until you reach the desired result. Chloride, parfum, sodium benzoate, ferrous sulfate,

sodium hydroxide, olea europaea fruit oil, ci hairs

curl hair, discolored hair, oily hair, wavy hair, curly hair , Colorful hair, smooth hair, mixed hair, painted hair, platinum hair, red hair, dry hair, with lights, with chemistry